-SILVER MEDAL, JIA illustration award, 2023
-BRONZE AWARD, Illustration West 61, 2023
-Shortlist, Communication Arts Illustration Competition, 2023
-Finally list, Hiii Illustration, 2023
-Book Merit Award, Ijungle illustration, 2023
-SILVER MEDAL, JIA illustration award, 2022
-BRONZE MEDAL, the 8th China Illustration Biennial, China, 2022
Winner, International Motion Art Awards 10, 2022
-Finally list, Hiii Illustration, 2022
-Selected, Illustrators 64 Annual Competition, Society of Illustrators,2022
-Selected, Illustrators 63 Annual Competition, Society of Illustrators,2021
-Shortlist, Communication Arts Illustration Competition, 2021
-JIA 日本插画大奖获奖作品展中国首展, 桥艺术空间, China, 2023.08
-JIA 日本插画大奖获奖作品展中国首展, 桥艺术空间, China, 2022.08
-the 8th china illustration biennial, Dongguan Library, China, 2022.07
-the 8th china illustration biennial, Shenzhen Nan Tou City, China, 2022.06
-E-TOPIA the 8th china illustration biennial, Di Yuan Art Gallery, China, 2022.05
-International Motion Art Awards 10, Online
-Illustrators 64 annual exhibitions, museum of illustration at the society of illustrators, NY, 2022
-Illustrators 63 annual exhibitions, museum of illustration at the society of illustrators, online
Clients lists
Hunan Education Press Group CO.Ltd China; Lagoona Bloo; Readeo LLC; 厦门安戈力文化; Hylla Vintage Hotel.
Interview, 2023.07.22
-Member of the Week - Jun Zhou, SILA.
Interview, 2022.06.08
-Life & Work with Jun Zhou, VoyageATL
Podcast, 2022.01.30
-My Creative Life for Artists and Creators, by Nancy S Miller, episodes 102
-《瑞安女孩获全国插画双年展铜奖》, posted in Ruian News.
-Reporter Junjun Huang,  editor Lianghe Chen, and Shuqin Guan, 
Lecture, 2022.02.25
-My Thesis development, Illustration Grad Salon, SCAD
Lecture, 2022.02.11
-How I develop the maze book, Grad Salon, SCAD
Workshop, 2020.12.05
-Discover the fun of after effects with Jun Zhou, a workshop hosted by GIC.
[Society of Illustrators] 63, 64
[Port City Review] 2021, 2022
Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, Adobe Audition, FL studio.
Illustration, 2D Animation, Graphic Design, Game Design, Music Remix.
Chinese, English.
Collaborative Projects
Battlefield Cell, 2019.08~2022.08
-Game art designer & animator
-Battlefield Cell is an indie game that aims to teach biological immunology to high school students.

SCAD CoMotion team, 2022.11 ~ 2022.03
-2D Animator
-Made title cards and title sequences. 
-SCAD CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference that brings together top industry 

SCADpro-SnapOn team, 2021.09~2021.11
-Did sketches for team ideas and designed slides for meetings. 
-SCADpro is a collaborative design studio that connects current and future art and design professionals 
with business leaders to find creative and inventive solutions to real-world challenges. 

Graduate Illustration club(GIC), 2020.07 - 2021.07
-Social media chair & poster designer. 
-Gic is a student community that works for students in SCAD by featuring their work on social media, 
announcing upcoming events in the industry, and inviting guests to give speeches.
[2019 - 2022] 
-Savannah college of art and design M.F.A in Illustration
[2015 - 2019] ​​​​​​​
-China Academy of Art Game Art Design
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