Jun Zhou graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2022 and has collaborated with various clients and magazines as an illustrator and motion graphic designer. Her work has garnered awards worldwide, and she has earned clients' trust through her responsible approach. 
Drawn to indie games. Crafts 100 nicknames for her friends. Although she may seem quiet at first glance, you'll soon discover her sketching your doodles on a napkin :D
Download my resume in PDF Here
[2019 - 2022] 
-Savannah college of art and design M.F.A in Illustration
[2015 - 2019] ​​​​​​​
-China Academy of Art B.A.in Game Art Design
Nectar Studios, 2024.06~present
Video editor
- Work with St. John the agency to product videos for various clients.
- Wonderful teamwork ability.
American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders, Netflix, 2023.12~2024.01
Animator & Video editor
- 16 infographics videos for the documentary.
- Fast turn-around, take over others' work files.
- Cares about the details, reliable in skills, motivated communication. 

The Lemon Ad Stand LLC., 2022~present
Freelance Animator
- Videos based on the provided storyboard.
- Fast turn-around, provide urgent service.
- Flexible, easy-going, and active communication.
Hunan Education Press Group CO., Ltd., China, 2020~present
- Children’s illustrations, magazine covers, and mazes.
- High-quality, award-winning illustrations.
- Reliable, never missed the DDL in the past 3 years. Always refine in 1 day based on the feedback.
Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, Figma, Adobe Audition, FL Studio.
Illustration, 2D Animation, Toon Shading, Graphic Design, Game Design, Music Remix.
Chinese, English.
American Job Centers; Dominican University; Hunan Education Press Group CO.Ltd; Hylla Vintage Hotel; Lagoona Bloo; iGeneration Youth; Netflix; Moonbuggy; Nectar Studio; The Lemon Ad Stand; Readeo LLC; 厦门安戈力文化.
-Merit Award,  the 9th China Illustration Biennial, China, 2024
-SILVER MEDAL, Illustration West 62, 2024
-SILVER MEDAL, JIA illustration award, 2023
-BRONZE MEDAL, Illustration West 61, 2023
-Shortlist, Communication Arts Illustration Competition, 2023
-Finally list, Hiii Illustration, 2023
-Book Merit Award, Ijungle illustration, 2023
-SILVER MEDAL, JIA illustration award, 2022
-BRONZE MEDAL, the 8th China Illustration Biennial, China, 2022
-Winner, International Motion Art Awards 10, 2022
-Finally list, Hiii Illustration, 2022
-Selected, Illustrators 64 Annual Competition, Society of Illustrators,2022
-Selected, Illustrators 63 Annual Competition, Society of Illustrators,2021
-Shortlist, Communication Arts Illustration Competition, 2021
-JIA 日本插画大奖获奖作品展上海站, BIP. Gallery, China, 2024.04
-Illustration West 61 Award Winners Exhibition, Los Angeles City College, 2023. 10
-JIA 日本插画大奖获奖作品展中国首展, 桥艺术空间, China, 2023.08
-Solo show, The Fantasy World from Jun Zhou, Ruian Library, China, 2023.03
-JIA 日本插画大奖获奖作品展中国首展, 桥艺术空间, China, 2022.08
-the 8th China Illustration Biennial, Dongguan Library, China, 2022.07
-the 8th China Illustration Biennial, Shenzhen Nan Tou City, China, 2022.06
-E-TOPIA the 8th China Illustration Biennial, Di Yuan Art Gallery, China, 2022.05
-International Motion Art Awards 10, Online
-Illustrators 64 annual exhibitions, museum of Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, NY, 2022
-Illustrators 63 annual exhibitions, museum of Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, online
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