Won Illustrators 63 Annual Competition 
Been accepted into the Illustrators 63 exhibit and book
Selected for the 2021 edition of Port City Review
Selected into the Creative Quarterly 63 artiest shortlist
Selected into the International Motion Art Awards 10
Director: Jun Zhou
Illustrator: Jun Zhou
Animator: Jun Zhou
Art director: Minho Shin
The idea is based on the music tortoise locomotive. (https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=h FNCo9o3 jEw) 

It’s house music and very suitable to make a narrative video. The story of the video will between a mysterious killer and an office man. It will happen in a small room so the camera will be used a lot to show the space. To create a sense of mystery, all characters are designed to have a geometric body and a simple face. This design will also help the motion to be easier to make.
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