Design & Drawing: Jun Zhou
Art Director: Fenger Zhang
Client: Hunan Education Press Group CO.Ltd
Inspired by the puzzle game 'We Were Here Forever' that I played previously, I created a teleportation maze. Recognizing the potential of teleportation mechanics within mazes, I sought to integrate them with narrative elements. Initially, I crafted a complete maze route and fragmented it, scattering the pieces within a larger maze environment. Players are challenged not only to navigate the vast landscape but also to reconstruct the shattered segments of the maze.
Player's Feedback
Players generally find this maze rule quite challenging to understand. Upon reflection, I thought the medium of paper inherently presents limitations. Players struggle to visualize the pathways of teleportation on paper, resulting in almost zero playability for the maze. In subsequent maze developments, I need to design simpler rules and clearer visuals.
This is the most intricate scene I've ever designed. To enhance the space of the maze, I divided the entire architectural layout into three layers: front, middle, and back. Each layer features a dominant color scheme.
Due to the large scene size, my device experienced significant lag, prompting me to break down the modeling and render it in batches. This approach notably eased the burden on my computer. However, the downside is the necessity to meticulously manage the positional relationships between different parts of the scene to prevent perspective errors when they are assembled. Currently, most of the scene details rely on the models themselves. I need to research patterns and composition to enhance the visual.
Publish Version & The Key
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