Design & Drawing: Jun Zhou
Art Director: Fenger Zhang
Client: Hunan Education Press Group CO.Ltd
Lanck wrote the sentence on the floor, the text maze disappeared all at once, and he jumped out of the labyrinth. The librarian is so surprised:” Oh, you pass the test! What did you get?” Lanck’s head is full of knowledge now! Lanck says:” oh no…. there’s nothing about the lord. Wait, there’s a wizard in the dragon kingdom whose crystal ball could see through the unknown! I have to visit him.” The librarian says goodbye to Lanck, and Lanck goes on his journey. The map of the land shows in Lanck’s mind. Lanck thinks: “I will find the shortest way.”

Please find the shortest way to the Dragon Kingdom. (Small challenge: If 1cm is equal to 1km, how much distance does Lanck have to travel on the shortest route? Hint: Please use a rope to measure)
color comps
the key
black lines are other routes, the red line is the shortest way to the kingdom.
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