SCAD CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference that brings together top industry professionals.
 I was honored to have joined such a fantastic team to animated title sequences and title cards during my last year in SCAD and meet a bunch of great people. I made animations based on the designed frame and animatic in after effects. 
Title Sequence
Animator: Jun Zhou
Designer: Yorlieth Avila
Title Cards
Title Cards Collection: CoMotion 2022 Animator Team
Animator: Jun Zhou
Designer: Krista Miller
Activity Page:​​​​​​​
Initial Design: Miharu Murai,Yu Xin King, Yorlie Avila
Creative Director: Miharu Murai
Art Director: Yu Xin King
Producer: Mel Petzoldt, Matt Paulsen
Lead Designer: Yorlie Avila
Lead Graphic Designer: Weiqian Han
Lead Animator: Desmond Du
Lead 3D Animator: Olivia Trotter
Lead Graphic Designer: Weiqian Han
Designers: Auralee Mayfield, Isabella Jean Ranci Ortigosa, Antara Ghosh, Tiffany Lo, Yuwei Liu
Animators: Greg Markman, DaAe Kim, Cathy Lin, Jun Zhou, Marly Koven,Brenda Chen, Wanyi Ma
Graphic Designers: Alyssa Kalbus, Aanvik Singh, Josie Glassman,Krista Miller, Bella Shih
Experiential: Riley Carson, Priscilla Quek
Sound: Michael Karaman, Alwyn Tay
Website: Andrew Goodridge, Varun Khatri
Documentary: Samantha Woods, Haze Nguyen, Sigourney Alden
Special thanks: 
MOMELove, Our Professors, SCAD Motion Media, Kelly Carlton, Duff Yong
Alexandra Marca, Kaleb Sweeney, MaryBeth Morgan
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