Blender Toon Shading Practice
This project is a personal work collection of captivating 3D model narratives inspired by keywords. I wanted to integrate these 3D models into the realm of 2D illustrations. Within these creations, I used a limited color palette and designed compositions to make them feel more like 2D illustrations rather than well-rendered 3D models.

Software: Blender, Photoshop, After Effects.
Garden Prince
Keyword: lost

The young wizards found a weird flower growing in the wrong garden, so they sent it to the garden it belonged to. The flower king is too happy to cry to find her baby back, while other ministers are gossiping, it feels like there are some secrets behind the little prince's loss....
To make the 3D rendering result more like a 2D illustration, I hand-painted textures and scanned them. To avoid still texture being too dull, I was inspired by stop motion animation, which always changes objects' surface texture from frame to frame. I picked different parts of the same color to make gifs, Thus creating moveable texture.
Rather than adhering strictly to the object's UV mapping, I opt to synchronize the texture with the camera movement. This meticulous strategy forms the cornerstone of my shading node setup within Blender, allowing for more illustrated feelings.
Intended to form part of a cohesive series, the following two sketches were envisioned to complement the narrative depicted in the preceding artwork. The initial draft, depicted in the lower left, portrays a scene where a group of wizards stumbles upon a garden, only to witness the distressing sight of a feeble flower being tormented by a more aggressive flower. In the subsequent sketch, located in the lower right, the wizards rescued the vulnerable bloom, even though they would be chased by the hostile flower. It was intended that these sketches would harmonize with the completed image showcased above, sharing the same color palette to maintain visual continuity. Regrettably, due to competing commitments, this personal project has been placed on indefinite hiatus.
Burger Hunter Series
Keyword: treasure

Burger hunter hunts burgers! He and his dog are going to yoink every burger they catch in their eyes.
In this series, I have created a collection of three GIFs to convey a cohesive narrative. Unified by the same color palette, these works streamline the shading process while maintaining visual harmony. Inspired by the creation of this series, I embarked on the development of a comprehensive texture and model library, significantly enhancing efficiency in my subsequent artistic endeavors.
Other images
The following GIFs were crafted in one day per GIF. Small challenges hit me every day when creating these little fun stuff, but yet they were all beaten by YouTube tutorials(thank you to the Great Internet). While they may not delve deeply into technical or conceptual intricacies, they exude the pure joy of creative expression.
Keyword: forget
Keyword: path
Keyword: Halloween
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