Uterine fibroids 

This is my personal video project, inspired by the thought-provoking article "The Unexpected Grief of a Hysterectomy" published in The New York Times. I try to show the profound emotional and physical impact experienced by individuals facing the challenging dilemma of uterine fibroids, whether opting for surgical intervention or not.
The hot air balloon with a hole in the uterus is the initial idea that came to my mind. While hot air balloons generally give people a sense of stability, the presence of a hole in the balloon and its unpredictable up-and-down trajectory can create feelings of unease. I aim to convey through this imagery how uterine fibroids can significantly disrupt a woman's life and create chaos.
But the illustration based on the first idea didn't turn out well. I feel that additional visuals are needed to effectively convey my message. Therefore, I have shifted my focus to the third idea, which involves a jigsaw puzzle. In this imagery, there is one piece containing the uterus missing, causing the rest of the puzzle to fall apart. I attempted to use a 3D effect, but unfortunately, the result was not satisfactory.
That's the moment when I realized that instead of creating a single illustration or a simple GIF, I should expand the entire concept and turn it into a short video. Then I created the storyboard and combine all ideas to the video.
Design Frame
Jun Zhou
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