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Hi! Welcome to my world. Jun Zhou is an ambitious illustrator, motion media designer, and children's comic book artist with a game design background.
I come from Wenzhou, China. It’s not a prosperous city. I didn’t touch a computer until 18. Not a lot going on in the town, so I spent most of my childhood time reading picture books and magazines. Pictures attracted and showed me a bigger, better world outside my little town. It was the time when I started drawing because I wanted to create my own world. In high school, besides drawing, I liked math and science. I enjoy thinking logically and seeing the rules behind the cases. 
The fun thing is that in high school, I found myself doing better than others in math and science subjects because I built my logical and graphic thinking through those books I read when I was a kid. I saw some of my friends struggle with school subjects. They had difficulty understanding abstract theories because they had no pictures in their mind. So I value children’s education a lot because I benefit from it. Now I want to help kids build their logical and graphic thinking by creating educational picture books. I spent time thinking about how to educate kids effectively, I read many papers, and I wrote a paper to discuss kids’ education. The answer I figure out is paper games. The inspiration comes from a paper I read. It is said that playing positively affects children's enthusiasm and interest in learning. I thought, yeah, I couldn’t educate kids well if I go against their nature. After that, I read other papers about how games could help educate kids.
The most important thing in my work is "innovation." I want to do something full of challenges and requires creative thinking rather than copying others' styles. (maybe that's why I am so bad at cooking because I don't like following the recipe). Sometimes I see things from a weird perspective and get an unexpected solution. Getting these unusual visual strategies is the most exciting thing in my career.
I chose the game design field to start my career because of these interests in "create" and "innovation.” Still, after being tired of spending too much time on the game engine instead of drawing, I switched my direction to a more aesthetic field: illustration. Now I focus more on the visual arts and doing paper games. But I remain some habits from when I was a game art designer. I like combining technics and traditions. For example, I would do traditional pieces on paper, scan them, and then combine them into one in photoshop. This technic increases the speed of my work and brings a unique flavor to my work.
Now I also enjoy communicating ideas and arts with people, so please send me a direct email. Let's be friends.
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