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Jun Zhou is an ambitious illustrator, motion media designer, and children's comic book artist with a game design background. As a female artist from Wenzhou, China, Zhou's passion for art was inspired by her childhood experiences of reading picture books and magazines. She uses her work to transport children to a bigger, better world and help them build their logical and graphic thinking by creating educational picture books and paper games.
Innovation is at the core of Zhou's work, and she strives to create art that is full of challenges and requires creative thinking rather than copying others' styles. Zhou's unique blend of traditional techniques and modern technology creates a visual style that is distinct and sets her apart from other artists. She enjoys combining technics and traditions to create her pieces and using unusual visual strategies to solve problems and create unexpected solutions.
Zhou's interest in game design led her to start her career in that field. However, after becoming tired of spending too much time on the game engine instead of drawing, she switched her direction to a more aesthetic field: illustration. Zhou's love for combining technics and traditions has stayed with her, and she now focuses on creating visual art and paper games that educate and engage children.
Zhou's art is an expression of her belief that children's education should be fun and engaging. She values children's education greatly because she believes that it is what allowed her to build her logical and graphic thinking skills. Zhou spends a lot of time researching how to effectively educate children and has written a paper discussing children's education. She believes that paper games are an effective way to educate children and that playing positively affects children's enthusiasm and interest in learning.
Zhou enjoys communicating her ideas and art with others and welcomes direct communication through email.
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